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Building New Business: Use Facebook

This week I started the process of getting my home ready to sell by owner. As a marketer, I felt pretty confident in taking my own highly filtered photos, writing a glowing description packed with fluffy words like spacious and airy, and multi-tasking between answering phone calls and coordinating visit times.

Like any seller, I wanted this house sold yesterday, so I thought of other ways I could get exposure to my listing without paying anything.

I’m not on Facebook much anymore (I prefer Instagram) but there is hidden gold when it comes to promoting yourself or your business on there. Years ago I joined a closed Facebook group called Strongsville Moms Discuss It–not exclusively for moms as the name suggests, but essentially available to anyone living in Strongsville. This catch-all mix of rants, raves, and items for sale is many residents’ go-to when it comes to searching for recommendations and selling items. So that’s where I went.

I added a very informal post outlining I was about to put my house up for sale, included cost and a few photos and sent it into the universe.

Within two hours of posting I had someone asking when they could come see the house.

Within four hours of posting I had 20 comments, 6 private messages, 15 likes and an appointment to show the house later that day.

Why post to this group? I had a potential reach of 4,000+ people in and around Strongsville without paying a dime.

What does this mean for your business?

  • If you’re local, look up Facebook groups dedicated to residents of nearby cities and developments and see if you qualify to join.
  • If you have a speciality business, look up Facebook groups dedicated to your niche. Sell outdoor equipment? Join all the running, fishing, biking, hiking groups you can.
  • If you need a more professional audience, look for groups dedicated to networking in your area.

Keep in mind…

  • Most of these groups are “closed groups” and require you to apply to be included. Typically, the application consists of answering a few qualifying questions. This might mean you have to apply as yourself (personal profile) and not your business.
  • Understand the rules. Some groups forbid self-promotion of your business or require a certain frequency of posting. Ensure you know the rules before you begin posting so you don’t get kicked out later. If you’re in doubt, ask the group moderator prior to posting.