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Ebony & Ivory Creative LLC is a boutique marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing. Founded by two creative & business-minded women, we offer an attractive combination of strategy, creative marketing juice, and techy details for start-up to mid-size businesses.

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Client Shoutout: #WOCEDCHAT


Founders Kelisa Wing, Tanya Hill and Tonia Holmes-Sutton created #WOCEDchat as an affinity space for women of color to collectively share their unique experiences in education. What began as a Twitter chat in July 2019 has grown into a Movement focused on education, engagement, and outreach for girls and women of color in education.


Create an online community that provides resources, stories, training and a sense of togetherness for black women educators.


  • Clean, professional website to reflect Woc Ed brand.
  • Functionality to promote online educational training and workshops
  • Functionality to share stories, upcoming events and provide materials for new members