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Drowning in Drip Campaigns: Let’s Clean Up

Email marketing is a great tactic to nurture, convert, and re-engage customers–but you already know that. This post is for the marketers with so many funnels and drip campaigns running that they have more of a flood than a few drops of emails.

Whether you’re here because you know you’re drowning in email campaigns or you just hopped into a new role and need to make sense of it all, we have three ways you can reevaluate your email campaigns and start tightening up your strategy.

Review Performance: One of the easiest ways to weed out drip campaigns that are taking up space is to pull performance reports on all your campaigns.

Consider looking at the following where applicable:

  • Goal Achievement Percentage (Revenue, Sign-ups, Transactions, etc): The quickest way to slim down on the amount of campaigns you’re running is to review overall effectiveness. Simply put: if the campaign isn’t achieving goal to your standards, it can probably be cut.
  • Click Through Rate: Pull CTR for all stages of the email and pin it against the other campaigns you’re running. How does it match up?
  • Email Opens & Email Unsubscribes: Pretty straightforward, if you have a campaign with minimal email opens and/or large amounts of unsubscribes, it’s definitely worth pulling it. You don’t want to kill your sender score even more. These stats are worth diving into even deeper to determine the root cause of lack of opens or high unsubscribes.

This exercise will serve as a foundation for you to further look into campaigns and should help you easily spot campaigns that are simply not performing anymore and give you an opportunity to clean them up.

Evaluate Stages in Campaigns: Once you have stats on your emails, use them to look more closely at each campaign stage and consider the following:

  • Are there too many “nurturing” emails between campaign entry and goal? Nurturing emails are key, but it’s easy to load up a campaign with too many similar emails and dilute the message. Your data might show frequent unsubscribes or lack of email interaction here.
  • Are there not enough “nurturing” emails? Maybe your campaign gets to the point too quickly, and adding in nurturing emails could help warm your customer up to the message.
  • Do your stages match your targeted persona’s buyer’s journey? Your data on buyer personas continues to develop and improve, so make sure your drip campaigns match the journey as you learn more about it. Consider removing or updating campaigns that don’t quite match the journey anymore.

Double Check the Mechanics: Think about the mechanics of your campaigns, such as who you’re targeting, send frequency, and overall design.

  • Are the metrics you have in place to qualify campaign members still accurate? Having the most qualified campaign members is certainly the goal, but that doesn’t always mean casting a wider net is the right idea. Conversely, is the funnel so narrow that very minimal people are being enrolled?
  • Is your email send timing still accurate? Maybe too much time passes between your nurturing emails causing your customers to forget about your company/message. Or, maybe you can consider a few days’ worth of cooling instead of sending a daily email.
  • Does the design of each email help guide the customer to your overall goal? Sometimes we pack too much or too little into emails. A plain email may look spammy while a busy email with too much to click can be distracting from your goal.