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Ebony & Ivory Creative LLC is a boutique marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing. Founded by two creative & business-minded women, we offer an attractive combination of strategy, creative marketing juice, and techy details for start-up to mid-size businesses.

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Client Shoutout: Patterson Comedy


Living and breathing the art of humor, Quinn Patterson uses real life experiences as fodder to create riotous reenactments of everyday situations. Quinn taps into his comedic, acting, and writing talents to produce a unique blend of social commentary, physical comedy, audience interaction and personal anecdotes with odes to influences such as Jerry Seinfeld and Richard Pryor.


Capture the life-loving spirit of Quinn Patterson in a website that allows fans to find tour dates, access press kits, and purchase merchandise.


  • Ecommerce website
  • Functionality to add tour dates, request bookings and appearances.