About Us

Ebony & Ivory Creative LLC is a boutique marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing. Founded by two creative & business-minded women, we offer an attractive combination of strategy, creative marketing juice, and techy details for start-up to mid-size businesses.

Email: hello@ebonyivorycreative.com

Client Shoutout: Love Yourself – By Gretchen


Gretchen is a lover of purple, whole bean coffee, and a good pedicure. She’s learned to find function in dysfunction, peace in failure to keep house plants alive and that a good read is sometimes the best medicine. Gretchen’s goal is to share her stories, inspiration, and products she truly believes in with others in hopes of inspiring them to “love yourself.”


Develop a website to capture all the brands and services the client represents under one cohesive umbrella brand. 


  • Fun, branded website to capture client’s personality
  • Photoshoot
  • Functionality to link to other businesss pages, blog, and share social media posts.