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Ebony & Ivory Creative LLC is a boutique marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing. Founded by two creative & business-minded women, we offer an attractive combination of strategy, creative marketing juice, and techy details for start-up to mid-size businesses.

Email: hello@ebonyivorycreative.com

Client Shoutout: #WOCEDCHAT

About: Founders Kelisa Wing, Tanya Hill and Tonia Holmes-Sutton created #WOCEDchat as an affinity space for women of color to collectively share their unique experiences in education. What began as a Twitter chat in July 2019 has grown into a Movement focused on education, engagement, and outreach for girls and women of color in education. Goal: Create […]

Client Shoutout: Monarch Endeavors

About: Julie’s personal motto is “Alis volat propriis”, which is Latin for “She flies with her own wings.” And even though she may not have realized it in her younger days, that is exactly what she has done her whole life. From professional coaching and training to consulting, Monarch Endeavors helps you start your career […]

Client Shoutout: Love Yourself – By Gretchen

About: Gretchen is a lover of purple, whole bean coffee, and a good pedicure. She’s learned to find function in dysfunction, peace in failure to keep house plants alive and that a good read is sometimes the best medicine. Gretchen’s goal is to share her stories, inspiration, and products she truly believes in with others […]

Drowning in Drip Campaigns: Let’s Clean Up

This post is for the marketers with so many funnels and drip campaigns running that they have more of a flood than a few drops of emails.

Client Shoutout: Patterson Comedy

About: Living and breathing the art of humor, Quinn Patterson uses real life experiences as fodder to create riotous reenactments of everyday situations. Quinn taps into his comedic, acting, and writing talents to produce a unique blend of social commentary, physical comedy, audience interaction and personal anecdotes with odes to influences such as Jerry Seinfeld […]

3 Effective Ways to Use Instagram Stories

If you’re looking for new, creative ways to show your business’s stuff on Instagram, check out these three ideas.

How to Write a Blog When You Don’t Have Time

Between back-to-back meetings, reports and finding time to squeeze in a Jimmy John’s sandwich, writing blogs can be difficult. Here’s a few ways to make it happen.

Client Shoutout: Heidiho On The Go

The Heidiho on the Go brand started in the summer of 2016 as kind of a fun way to track hikes in the MetroParks while the client took the summer off from her career. The brand evolved and eventually additional streams of revenue were added including Color Street, Beachbody, Backwards Bicycling and VIPKID. The need to pull all of the businesses under a central brand became evident.

Building New Business: Use Facebook

I started the process of getting my home ready to sell by owner. I turned to Facebook groups to promote the sale of my home–and it worked.

Client Shoutout: Snow Creations

About: Looking to make an impact in people’s lives and bring friends and family together, Snow Creations was founded by two entrepreneurial dads and friends to help families of all shapes and sizes make more memories each winter. Snow Creations is about fostering togetherness and creativity for all ages. By eliminating the most difficult steps […]