About Us

Ebony & Ivory Creative LLC is a boutique marketing agency specializing in integrated marketing. Founded by two creative & business-minded women, we offer an attractive combination of strategy, creative marketing juice, and techy details for start-up to mid-size businesses.

Email: hello@ebonyivorycreative.com

Client Shoutout: Heidiho On The Go


The Heidiho on the Go brand started in the summer of 2016 as kind of a fun way to track hikes in the MetroParks while the client took the summer off from her career. The brand evolved and eventually additional streams of revenue were added including Color Street, Beachbody, Backwards Bicycling and VIPKID. The need to pull all of the businesses under a central brand became evident.


Blend together all core businesses into a single web destination that inspires clients and communicates service offerings of Heidiho On The Go.


  • Branded, mobile-friendly website.
  • Blog creation and content strategy.
  • Branded photoshoot.
  • Social media maintenance platform.